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Photo by Maggie Hermann

Home = (Person + Place) x Time

If home is a person plus their space

formed by time, a person is

equal to home divided by time minus place.

Without the homes I have inhabited:

Munich, Seattle, and New Orleans,

I would be an empty-person shell.

Since I am not an empty-person shell

and have instead been informed by

my places, spaces, and people,

I am made up of roughly equal parts

artist, social policy wonk,

city-centric entrepreneur,

and pun-lover.

Through my work—artistic and otherwise—

I strive to contribute to building equitable cities,

and believe in the power of art to inspire

value shifts that, through culture change,

lead to the systems changes

required for a more just and

compassionate society.


Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, 2013-2017

BFA, Studio Art

Thesis Show: Lebenslauf

BA, Political Science, Social Policy

Honors thesis: "The Power of Neighborhoods in Successful Housing Policy: an Analysis of Federal Public Housing Policy, using New Orleans as a Case Study"


New Orleans

2017 - Lebenslauf, Carroll Gallery 

2017 - Solo show, The Blue House

2017 - Southeast Louisiana Juried Student Exhibition, Parse Gallery

2017 - Permeable Boundaries, OCH Gallery

2015 - Artwork from Tulane Glass, Southern Art Gallery

2014 - Clear Aspects: Conversations in Glass, OCH Gallery

Kirkland, WA

2012 - Juried Member Show, The Kirkland Art Center


Gordon Summer Fellowship for Individual Research

Honorable Mention, Southeast Louisiana Juried Student Exhibition

Alberta “Rusty” Collier Memorial Award for 3D Art

Nell Pomeroy O’Brien Award for Outstanding Underclassman in Studio Art

Barr Conover Belden Endowed Scholarship Fund in Art

Fulton Arts Fund Scholarship

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